Summer 2017 Movie Releases You Need to Watch

Jocelyn Pasillas

Besides your phone, the main screen you should be looking at this summer, is at the movie theater!

Thanks to these movie releases, we assure you, popcorn and nachos will be your best buddies this season.

Here’s a little taste of the thrill, suspense, and comedy behind the following movie trailers you have to be in the lookout for!

Mark your calendars, chicas…


Cars 3 Last viewing is the first day of summer; June 21st.

You know what that means, get your tickets now! C’mon if you’ve watched Cars and Cars 2, why in the world would you miss Cars 3!?

Transformers: The Last Knight

Now in honor of the first release to watch this first day of summer, Transformers is the perfect movie to get started with!

Despicable Me 3

Just 9 days away from the Transformers release… a more animated movie we all can’t get enough of.

With new adventures Gru, the girls, the minions… and Gru’s twin brother! We can say it’s totally worth the wait.


Spider-man: Homecoming

One of our all-time super heroes is back July 7th!

That isn’t the only good news though, with Zendaya starring as MaryJane, it makes the movie just as better!


Kidnap (Aug 4)

From an all-time best actress for thrilling movies, Halle Berry leaves us anxious with just the trailer… imagine the movie?

As she lives any mothers worst unpleasant experience, see what risks she takes to save her son.

Annabelle: Creation (Aug 11)

August seems to be the month of the spooks with yet another thrilling, seat-lifting, horror movie from the popular Annabelle series!!!

Unravel the mystery of how Annabelle came to be!



Your parents childhood nightmare is back to haunt you this time; he’ll be back Sep 11… be careful.

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