What to Watch in October on Netflix, Hulu and More


October is the official first month of fall, and it’s a great time to cozy up with your friends, your crush, or even your Quince court for a night of scary movies and laughing over some comedies.

There are some tried-and-true Halloween movie favorites that get placed on channels year after year, and with the advent of streaming services, you have even more options to watch during cozy fall movie nights!

We’ve done the legwork for you so you don’t have to, and have gathered up a list of what to watch in October. Add these shows and movies to your Friday night watch list!

Cozy socks, tea, and cookies sounds a great night in.

  1. Halloween – Netflix

  1. The Conjuring – Netflix

  1. Friends – Netflix

  1. Snakes on a Plane – Hulu

  1. Cloverfield – Hulu

  1. Blade – Hulu

  1. Hocus Pocus – all month long on Freeform

Decorate your TV stand with cob webs, classic glass soda bottles, and string orange glowing lights around your TV. It will help set the scene while you’re watching Hocus Pocus!

  1. The Addams Family – all month long on Freeform

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas – all month long on Freeform

  1. Ghostbusters – all month long on Freeform

  1. Hotel Transylvania – all month long on Freeform

Looks like fans of HQ Trivia and Freeform guessed correctly on which Halloween movie will be aired 30 times over the month of October.

  1. Good Witch: Curse from a Rose – October 19 at 8PM on Hallmark Channel

  1. In the Tall Grass – Netflix

  1. Fractured – Netflix

  1. Head Count – Netflix

What are you excited to watch in October? Let us know by sharing this story with your friends!

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