10 Ways to Make your Quinceanera Pictures Unique

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Is your quince celebration soon approaching? Check out these 10 ways you can ensure you get some cool and unique Quinceanera pictures of your event!

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  1. Use Props – The best thing you can do to make sure your quince photos are unique is use props. Get yourself a tiara, some balloons, bubbles or anything else that represents your style and personality to incorporate into your photos.
  2. Close Up Shots – Be sure to tell your photographer to take some close up shots of various items such as your makeup, your dress or your rosary.
  3. Experiment With Angles – Have your photographer take some photos from different angles such as below you or standing above you instead of at eye level.
  4. Take Some “Professional” Selfies – Ask the photographer if you could borrow their camera for a minute to take a few selfies to add to your collection on Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook once they’re developed.
  5. Black and White – Take a few black and white photos to capture the true elegance of your dress and overall look.
  6. Motion Blur – This effect looks really cool if done just right. It’s commonly used by photographers to capture movement, so it’s the perfect effect for pictures taken at your dance party.
  1. Take Pictures Outside at Night – Most quinceaneras choose to take their photos during the day time in between their mass and party, but if you want to mix it up, schedule your photo session at night.
  2. Panoramic Photos – Get a few shots of your entire quince court and all of your guests with a quality panoramic photograph at the church or at your reception.
  3. Candid Photos – The best photos are ones that aren’t posed for, so be sure you get plenty of candid shots with your friends and family.
  4. Shoe Shots – Don’t forget to remind your photographer to take plenty of photos of your fabulous shoes!


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