15 Insta-Worthy Quinceanera Photography Poses

Jazmin Alvarez

Celebrating your Quince and have no clue what to post on Instagram to give your friends a quick sneak peek of your fab celebration?

Post away with the most stunning Quinceanera photography poses with your mom, court, and even your pets!

Mom & Daughter Poses

Mom has been by your side since day one and should not be left out. Capture her helping you dress up, accommodating your tiara, sharing a memorable moment, or striking a pose to let the world know she’s your best friend!


A big puffy dress on a football field? Now that’s attention grabbing! If you play a sport or you’re known as the biggest fan of a certain team, show off your skills or pride on the field.

Magazine-like Poses

Instead of taking the typical selfie, spice up your Insta feed by uploading a magazine-like pic wearing your gorgeous dress! Take advantage of any playful props and settings. Adding a filter will get you double the likes.


Your Pet

Dogs are not only a guy’s best friend – we girls love our pets as well! Dress up your dog with a customized tuxedo or dress and pose! Cats and bunnies are also lovely pets.


Towering Cake

An obvious trend on Instagram is taking pics of the food you’re about to devour. What better way of following that trend than posing with your beautiful cake?! Might as well since we’re sure your parents paid a pretty penny for it.



With your Shades On

It’s no secret that shades = cool. So tell your chambelanes to bring their shades, bring a spunky pair for yourself, and say cheese!

Goofy Poses With Your Court

This is the ultimate pose that cannot be forgotten! You will be receiving never ending compliments for sure. The funnier, the better.


Horseback Riding

How many girls can say they rode a horse on their quinceanera? Very few!

Surprise Dance & Waltz

Let everyone know that you have pro dancing skills by asking one of your guests to snap a pic during your epic performance. Or you can post an emotional pic during your father-daughter-dance! Everyone will be blowing up your Instagram with comments.

Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props are meant to be fun so take advantage of them to post a funny scene!

Main Chambelan

If your chambelan isn’t a family member, you surely had to build up the courage to ask him to be part of your court. Therefore, post a nice pic to let your friends on Instagram know that you the chose the cutest guy at school as your main chambelan.


Main picture by Unique Design Studios.

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