3 Myths About your Quinceañera Photos

Luca Verne

Your family and friends are the best resource for many things but not for your Quince celebration. Here are some of the most common myths on Quinceanera photos you might want to keep in mind.

1.    Family and friends’ cameras are enough

When relying only on pictures taken by friends and family you will most likely miss precious moments that will never take place again. Even a family member who happens to be a professional photographer can get lost in the emotion of such an event. Hence the importance of hiring a professional photographer to make sure you won’t miss any special moment.

2. Photographers cannot keep the negatives

Many Quinceaneras are appalled once they hear some photographers want to keep the negatives of the party pictures they take. This is a professional practice and as such the photographer knows that these films are fragile and require top quality care to keep them from scratches among other irreparable damages.Keep in mind a photographer makes a living from the sale of photos and copies of these for family and friends.

3. No one takes pictures before the Quince party

So not true! Many girls choose a photo shoot before the party. Some shoots can take from one to two hours, perhaps too much to do it during the party.

Seems as if the best option is to choose a professional photographer to take your Quince photos, leave it to your family when it comes to the dancing.


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Luca Verne

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