5 Must-see Tips for the Best Quince Video Ever!

Jazmin Alvarez

Your Quinceanera is one of the biggest and most important events in your life. One because you’re transitioning into womanhood and two because you’re sharing this special moment with your closest family members and guests. We’re sure you’ll want to cherish these memories forever and play them not just in your head but on TV.

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To make sure your Quince video is a perfect production, follow these suggestions and review them with your videographer!

TIP #1

Make sure your videographer is aware and prepared for the lighting at the church, photo session, and inside the venue. Avoid dim lights if the event is indoors because the images will look grainy. If the location is dark, ask your videographer to diffuse the light to spread the lighting evenly and prevent squinting. During key moments in your ceremony such as cutting the cake, ask someone to turn up the lights.

TIP #2

During an outdoor event, avoid direct sunlight because it’ll wash out the images. Instead, use  a canopy to let in a good amount of light. This will create high quality images.

TIP #3

Remind your damas and chambelanes to be aware of the videographer so he/she records from the best positions. Ask your guests to stand behind the camera to avoid blocking it. Chewing gum, smoking, and eating look horrible in front of the camera. Instead of gum, provide your quince court with mints.

TIP #4

Facing your guests during the key moments will give you the best shots. Never block the camera especially with your back. Ask your videographer to place hidden cameras throughout the venue for the best angles.

Indoor Event

Never give your back to the camera, they want to capture your beauty at all times.

TIP #5

Act natural. Getting used to the camera in front of you at all times is usually tough during the first hours but then you’ll get used to it. Don’t think you need to speak or look busy just because you see the camera.

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