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Once your special Quinceañera celebration is over, the only thing to remember such an important day by would be with your photos. Elizeth Sanchez and Henry Asport from Asport Media Studio tell you how to ace your Quince pictures with a few tricks that would make almost anyone look picture perfect!

There is more than smizing to achieve flawless Quince pictures, check out these tips and put them to work on your Quinceañera day.


Speak with your photographer prior to your event

Tell him/her what you have in mind for your Quince pictures, maybe they can show you previous photo shoots or even suggest original ideas. Choose whatever you feel more comfortable with.

Hire a professional makeup artist

A professional in the field will know exactly how to do your makeup, all while hiding those small imperfections and highlighting your best features.


If you’re stressed out, it will reflect in your pictures. Take a deep breath and have fun with your Quince photo shoot. Keep in mind that this is your day and that these will be a printed memory of your Quinceañera.

Smile like you mean it

If you have braces and don’t want them to show in your Quince pictures, speak with your dentist. Maybe they could be removed at least temporarily.

Leave those insecurities at the door!



Posture is key, keep your back straight and your shoulders pushed back, slightly turn your body to the side and place one hand on your hip and ta-da, you will automatically look slimmer.

Another pose is to put one foot in front of the other and bend your knee. Place your hands on your hips or delicately grab your dress and slightly move your hips to the side.

There is no need to stare at the camera all the time, look elsewhere to give your photos that mysterious touch. If you wish to highlight your face try using your hands, practice in front of the mirror and see what will work best.

Make sure to visit these professional photographers’ website and check out some of their clients’ poses!

You can reach them at  (714) 697-1712

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