Broadcast your Party for the world to see

Luca Verne
Broadcast your Party

Share your special day with the ones far away.

Services such as Ustream allow the broadcast all kinds of events, including a Quinceañera.

Times have changed and due to new technologies it is now possible to turn your Quince party into a massive and international event, it depends on how many contacts you have and how many people you wish to give access to your event.

All it takes is a service provider, a camera and spread the word between your guests so they are able to take part of this event from their house and through their computer

Nowadays more Quinceañeras rely on Skype to stay in touch with their families in other parts of the world, like Mexico for instance, while celebrating their special day. This free calling service also has an app that can be downloaded and used through your smart phone at any time.

For those who wish a more professional approach, Ustream is a simple and personalized option able to broadcast any type of event. You just have to create an account, register and share the information with whom you want to “invite”.

If you have an iPhone you can use it as a camera and capture every step of the ceremony, from the church to the banquet and after party.

Several companies have adopted this marketing idea taking care of the whole process for you. Sometimes they even carry two different cameras in order to cover every single detail from the beginning till the end. Aside from this, they are also in charge of the email registry of those who wish to access the ceremony from anywhere in the world.

The advantages are huge, not only can you share with your loved ones such a special event but you have a record of everything happening around you. Thanks to technology you can now film and share.

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