Three Elements To Consider for your Quinceanera Photos

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The selection of the ideal photography location is just as important as the selection of every other element of the Quinceanera celebration, and can generally be divided into two groups: indoor professional studios or natural outdoor settings.

The photography site will play an important role in your Quince photos, as it will preserve this special day forever, and can either enhance or downplay the elegance and beauty of the Quinceanera and her court, depending on her choice.

Consider these before selecting the spot for your of your Quince photography session:

The Lighting


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Outdoor photography sites are great because natural sunlight provides excellent lighting as long as you choose the right time of day. If you’re going to be photographed outdoors, avoid bright sunlight at midday as this lighting makes the light colors too dark and contrasting colors too washed out. Wait for the sun to go behind a cloud or stand under the shade of a tree/building. The light will be much more natural here and will result in a better picture.

The nice thing about indoor photography, is that lighting is 100% controlled, so you can have some great effects on your pictures depending on the type of lighting you choose. Tell your photographer the effects you wish to achieve in your photos, and make sure you are working with someone who understands lighting techniques and who can clearly explain to you what type of lighting is best and why.

The Weather

Via Instagram: @avmphotoboutique

The weather becomes especially crucial and is of utmost importance if you have decided for your photography session to take place outdoors.

If you live in an area where the weather tends to be more tropical schedule your session when it’s less humid as this type of weather can make your hair frizz and melt your makeup before the first snap of the camera.

While weather cannot be predicted, it can be pretty easy to determine what kind of day you will have just by paying attention to basic patterns depending on where you live.

To avoid any of these issues in a crazy-weather town, stick to indoor shoots.

The Background

The choice between indoor and outdoor photography might also be affected by the type of background you wish for your Quinceanera pictures. It can be as simple as the plain background of a professional studio, or as elaborate as a beautiful waterfall. The location depends on your personal style, taste and budget.

If you choose to go with a photography session in a studio, you can also choose from a wide variety of artificial backgrounds of natural landscapes. Just be careful in your selection as some of these backdrops can look too artificial or overly elaborate.

You don’t want your background to take away from what should be the picture’s main focus: You!

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