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Cinematic video is the new trend in filming movies like the ones that you see at the movie theater. To achieve this goal, this type of video requires 2, 3 or even 4 cameras throughout the day of the party. The cameras used provide a Full HD image that highlights your beauty.

Working with multiple cameras can get different reactions from your family and friends, so that you do not miss any of the most important moments in your day.

In the video editing process, natural audio, music, and also the voices of your parents and friends are combined. All of them are recorded with wireless microphones to give your movie a unique style.

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It is very common for children to attend mass and cry during the service because they feel uncomfortable. Sounds like this sometimes interfere with what the father says on that special day. For this reason, cinematic videos use wireless microphones to prevent outside noise and to have a clearer audio of the father.

The final product is delivered on blu-ray to maintain the highest quality video. Something that does not happen when it is delivered on a regular or double-capacity DVD, since it loses resolution and sharpness when it is compressed. You can also deliver the video on a high capacity USB, so you and your family can relive those special moments.

Add a menu and a selection of chapters and your cinematic video will be ready!

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