Ideas for your Quinceanera Reception Entrance Photos

Grecia Hernandez

As Quinceanera celebrations evolve with time and trends, new things are added to the planning.


Besides the baile sorpresa, your Quinceanera reception entrance photos are the latest party trend.

Adopted from weddings and adapted for Quinceaneras, the girls now welcome their guests to their reception with gorgeous portraits of themselves.

You in your gorgeous Quinceanera dress


Ana Maria Morales ❤

This is the most typical shoot! Weeks prior to your Quinceanera celebration you do a photo session wearing your dress. This shoot is scheduled on the same day you do your hair and makeup trial to achieve the look you’ll be sporting on your special day.

You at different stages in your life


Cassandra Silva ❤

Another cute and cool idea is to have three to five portraits showing how you’ve grown and mature from baby, to toddler, to girl to a gorgeous young lady.

You in your everyday clothes


Photo by Otto Venegas, click on picture to check out his website!

Show your guests a different side of your personality by posing with your cheerleader or soccer uniform, or your ballet flats. This is a way to include a passion or hobby of yours in your Quinceanera.

Plan ahead your Quinceanera photography and ask your friends and family for ideas before booking this party planning service.


Grecia Hernandez

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