“Insta-glamming” your #Quince photos

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Quinceanera photos by a professional photographer can aide in capturing some of the most special moments of your party. There is something to be said, however, of the instant Instagram snap-shots of fun that you as the Quinceanera can take on your phone while posing with your best friends and family.


Take Instagram, for example. The latest social media craze offers users a variety of filters to edit photos and then loads them to their Instagram feed. The idea is a merge between Twitter and Facebook in the sense that it allows you to post and tag updates, but with photos more than text.

The mobile picture editor and sharing platform enhances the photos you take with your photo and allows you to use hashtags related to the content of it, so that other people with similar interests can find it, “like it” and ultimately “follow” you.

To test Instagram, download and install the application to your iPhone or Android mobile device. Then, test out the different lens filters by shooting a couple of practice snaphots. Once you have chosen the filter that best expresses your artistic creativity, upload the photo to your Instagram stream. You also have the option to simultaneously upload your photos to Facebook or Twitter, and to add a short description of your picture. It’s highly suggested for you to take photos of an object from different angles, and try out different filters instead of sticking to the same one for all of them.

We have our own conversation going on right now on Instagram. You can follow it by searching the hashtag #XVexpo and, of course, following us @Quinceanera.


Instagram your Quince:

1.) Create a unique hashtag for your Quince. Then, include this hashtag in your invitations and let your guests know they can follow your planning journey by searching for your unique hashtag on Instagram.

2.) Document your Quince by uploading photos of every step of your planning process.

3.) Advise your court to join Instagram and use your unique hashtag to show their perspective of the celebration’s process.

4.) Include your hashtag in the table setting cards to encourage your guests to upload pictures of them at your Quince.

5.) During your party, take photos of all the beautiful details such as centerpieces and decorations, as well as you enjoying the company of your guests, and upload them to Instagram!






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