Quinceanera poses: The secret to look taller, slimmer and flawless

Grecia Hernandez

No matter how much we claim to be America’s Next Top Model #1 fan, most of us are clueless when it comes to posing. Seriously, how many selfies do you take before choosing one to snapchat or to use as your Instagram profile picture?


Forget about your driver’s license, if there is a “Picture Perfect” moment in your life, it definitely is putting together your XV album.

These pictures will be the only physical memory that will be available for years to come so you better get your Quinceanera poses on point ASAP!

Apply the next ten tips and your friends will be inspired by your skills:

Place your right knee forward

Your Quince dress will cover your legs so this pose works for your “Welcoming Photoshoot” where most girls appear in casual wear or could also work for when you have your surprise dance outfit. By placing your right knee forward you will automatically elongate your body appearing slimmer for the camera.

Smize for the lense

We all have one eye smaller than the other and today’s high quality photography truly capture our beauty along with our tiny imperfections. Squinting your eyes just a little bit will give you that model look, just don’t go all Zoolander on the photographer.

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Check your hair & makeup

HD makeup can be tricky! Check that your concealer won’t leave any white spots for the camera to catch and make sure that your hair compliments your face and flows well with your surroundings.

Act natural

Please don’t fake smile, we can tell when you do! If there are some Quinceanera poses you don’t feel comfortable doing let your photographer know or else you’ll appear stiff and uncomfortable.

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Don’t stand straight to the camera

Avoid appearing like Bob Sponge by standing at an angle, this will give you the chance to showcase your dress more than your face.

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Stand on your tiptoes

Even if you decide to do your Quinceanera photos barefoot to avoid falling, the ideal will be to stand on your tiptoes that will instantly make you feel classy and model-esque hence your posing will be on fleek!

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Hand on waist or hip

Create the illusion of a tiny waist or a longer arm and torso by placing one hand on your hip or carefully wrap a few fingers around your waist.

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Put your chin up!

The secret not to look like Honeyboobo’s Mama June is to place your tongue behind your front teeth, that will automatically stretch your neck out so you can kiss that sexy double-chin bye bye!

Tilt your head a bit to highlight your best features!

Tilt your head to the side and lift your chin up to showcase your smile and look daring. Tilt your face to the other side and lower your chin to showcase eyes and to seem shy.

Practice on the mirror

Take 15 minutes each day to rehearse your favorite poses on the mirror a week prior to your photo shoot so it comes natural and you nail each shot!

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