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Selena Quintanilla Inspired Pre-quinceanera Photo Shoot

Yoana Estrada

What is a pre-quinceanera photo shoot?

In more recent years it has become more popular to have a themed pre photoshoot before your actual big day. Many quinceaneras pick amazing unique themes for their quinceanera pre-shoot. It’s especially fun to play around with different looks around October because of Halloween.  As a matter of fact, what’s more, ICONIC than recreating a Selena Quintanilla look for your shoot! Check out these AMAZING, Selena-inspired photo-shoots shot by photographer Patricia Carrozzini.

Want to recreate this amazing Selena look?

You can either DIY or buy the famous purple jumpsuit online. Selena was a talented fashion designer as well during the height of her career. So, it’s important that you pay attention to as much detail as possible. Regardless, of the Selena look, you decide to recreate just remember to have your clothes tailored so that you can look Snatched! Also, we can not forget about Selena’s ICONIC red lips and hair. Consider, looking at old pictures and videos to really get the look down!

What else can you do with the pictures from your quinceanera pre-shoot?

Besides, having B-O-M-B pictures of yourself there are many ways to showcase your creativity to friends and family on the days leading up to your quince. In the first place, you can put these pictures in your invitations. This will start to get everyone excited and have them counting down the days to your quine. Secondly, you can use them as decorations throughout your venue on the day of your quince. Lastly, think about how cool your Instagram feed is going to look with all the cool new pics that you have of yourself.

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