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Your dream has always been to become like one of the Latin stars who sing and dance like Shakira, Christina Aguilera, or young artists such as Belinda, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice. You can also startle your guests with a surprise video where you can demonstrate your skills in singing and dancing without having to break the spell and remove your quince dress. Here are some ideas to produce your own video clip.

The first thing you choose is a song that really represents you, you can sing, but nobody will complain if you follow just the lyrics and dance as you wish. Look for professional help to produce the video so as to fit the choreography, but you probably already have in your head what you can do because it has happened many times in your head or have practiced in front of the TV when you see the music of Madonna, Lady Gaga Rihanna shows “Dancing with the Stars” or its corresponding version in Spanish.

Find allies to support you in production as a cameraman or videographer (your brother, your cousin, your best friend), have an audio and a copy of the song you can sing the lyrics while recording. Use natural lighting and avoid night shots, unless you count with lighting. Use your imagination and try interesting frames. Make support scenes that way you have enough material to edit and do not appear in every shot as it will be easier to edit. Use a simple editing program, or ask for help to make the cuts and assembly required.

You can make the video in places that you like, you can do at home, in a park, riding

movie clip, video de quinceanera

bikes, playing the sport you prefer, touring the city, visiting the beach or on top of a mountain. You can be realistic or you can dress up princess or mermaid fantasy if you or the song demands it.

You can record how your room changed from being a child to a teenager, you can say goodbye to your dolls and welcome to the dresses and hair-dos. You can record important moments in the preparation of the party, how to choose the dress or the multiple tests on the dressmaker if made especially for you.

If you do not find inspiration easily, do not worry, you can give life to a literary character and accompany it with music.

Another wonderful idea is to make a video letting you know your parents, your sponsors or godparents, your family and friends how much you love them and appreciate them to be present at your celebration, choosing a song they can spend and have a special meaning. This video’s you can give away as part of the party favors, or you can upload to the Internet so they can share as much as they want.

The most important recommendation: do it soon. The long footage make people dozing at a party. And remember to have a screen big enough to lower the music volume and turn off lights when you go to show, so everyone can watch the video with ease.

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