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If you’re searching for a capable photographer to handle a shoot at an event, you may want to talk to the professionals at Visual Effects Photography.


Their professional staff aims to provide a speedy response for each request they get from rushed Quinceaneras like yourself!

Visual Effects Photography also film for events delivering a high-resolution copy of the video in Blu-ray format.

The staff at Visual Effects Photography provides customized shooting plans while being attentive to any critical details that need to be addressed.

Scheduling a session with them is easy because of their availability –> Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Check out some of their fabulous work right here:

Quinceanera Highlights!


Drone-tastic takes!

With the help of high quality drones, Visual Effects Photography captures not just the essence but your WHOLE party, literally!



Don’t forget, Visual Photography can also take care of your everlasting pictures:

Here’s how to contact the talented staff of Visual Effects Photography:

Instagram @VisualEffectsPhotography Mobile App

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