Which Camera Should You Buy? The Big Dilemma

Silvia Alegria

With hundreds of options in the market, it is vital to know the objective for which you will be using your camera, in order to choose the right model, and to capture the essence of your quinceañera memories.

When it comes the time to spend money on photography, the quinceañera party can be the ideal opportunity to acquire a proper camera and save on the cost of a professional photographer. Some see it as a risky option, since it pales in comparison to the services offered by a specialized photographer, but in the long term the camera can last for many years and the images from the party can live up to the circumstances.

Once the decision has been made to take photos, the issue becomes which camera to buy for the adequate price. Although it may seem like a dilemma, it is just a matter of responding to a few questions.

Although it seems hard to believe, a successful decision depends more on being clear on what the camera is going to be used for instead of being well versed on the benefits of all the cameras on the market. Why do you want the camera? What types of photos are you going to take with it? Elena tells her experience: “I bought a Pentax K10D because I had money and it went in my budget. I wanted to make stupendous photos. But now I barely take it out of the house because it is too bulky and it is a bit complicated to handle. I use my sister’s Canon IXUS 75, which I love more.”

We should all learn from Elena’s experience. Often, when we want to buy something that we do not know too well, we tend to think in how much we are willing to spend and then we try to buy the greatest number of functions for that price. It is an error for various reasons:

  • There could be some functions that you will not use and therefore can save you some money, which we all need.
  • It may not have the key advantage that you are trying to take advantage of.
  • It could be that it is more complicated than what you think and you will not have the patience to learn how to use it.

Therefore, it is better to meditate a little bit on why you want the camera and what type of photographs you want to take. If the essential thing for you is that it takes up as little space as possible, that you can carry it without even realizing that it is there, the best are the ultracompact ones. With these small cameras you will be reaching its ultimate capacity frequently, but they are ideal for automatic pictures and a series of predefined modes: landscape, portrait, night vision, etc.

They also function for the images of the quinceañera party, but as an informal mode.

If one is beginning or would like to learn photography, one of the most important factors is that the camera allows the user to have manual control over the shutter speed and aperture. If it is your first time handling a camera, perhaps it will be more convenient for you to get a compact camera.

For those that like photography and want to start playing with high quality optics with a large number of features, there is the category of reflex cameras. You will have to save up in order to buy one. Awhile back, it used to be the cheapest option that got you closest to a SLR camera. Today, the prices of a SLR camera have dropped so much that the difference is now much smaller.

The Question of Megapixels

This is a factor that a lot of people take into account. For those that do not know the world of digital photography, more megapixels is associated with major quality, which is completely false. There exist many 5 pixel cameras in the market that take better pictures than cameras that are 7 megapixels. It is not worth it to obsess over the resolution. Consider that the relationship between resolutions is not linear. Also, the resolution of most digital cameras is more than enough in most cases.


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