Quinceanera in baby blue dress making her entrance in a coach pulled by two of her chambelanes

10 Over-the-top Grand Entrances for your Quince

Jazmin Alvarez

What’s the most memorable way to surprise your guests at your quinceanera?! With a grand entrance that makes every soul in the room say WOW, of course!


If you’re looking for grand entrances that are far from the traditional, you’ve come to the right place! These 10 inspiring ideas are truly out of this world.

Let us begin by saying expect the unexpected!:

1. Barbie’s Way: Inside a Doll Box!

If you’re looking for something symbolic of your rite of passage, this is it!

2. Cinderella’s Way: On a Princess Carriage!

This idea could work for a Cinderella or princess themed XV!


3. Spiderman’s Way: Descending from the Ceiling!

For those daring Quinceaneras who aren’t afraid of heights.

4. Cleopatra’s Way: Carried by Muscular Men

Invite the handsomest men at your school and enjoy feeling like Cleopatra for a day!


5. Katy Perry’s Way: Fireworks!

Start at 4:17 to watch the spectacular show! Just make sure your venue is okay with the use of fireworks.

6. The Mysterious Way: With the Help of a Shadow Backdrop!

Mysterious yet eye-catching.

7. Alice in Wonderland’s Way: Flowers, Drapes & lots of Colorful Confetti!

We love this simple, cheap, yet beautiful idea!

8. The Magician’s Way: A Memorable Performance!

You should be the star of the show, not the performers. Choose a choreography where you know you’ll steal the spotlight.

9. The Nutcracker’s Way: Dance Your Way In!

Are you talented in other ways? You can even sing or play an instrument if you don’t know how to dance ballet!

10. Romeo & Juliet’s Way: Meet your Prince Charming!

You have to watch this, especially if you’re looking for the best fairy tale inspired grand entrance.

Which idea was the most jaw dropping? Make sure to comment your answer!

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