10 Quinceanera Goals Explained by Celebrities

Grecia Hernandez

If on the day of your Quinceanera, everything was to flow just as you pictured it inside your head, how would you react?

See if your Quinceanera goals match these celeb’s gifs:

When you find the ideal venue and under your budget!

When your crush is down to be your chambelan!

  When you finally chose a unique Quinceanera theme none of your friends know about.

When you nail all the steps of your surprise dance during the first rehearsal.

When all your guests send their RSVP’s a week before your Quince.

When you perfectly fit into your Quinceanera dress.

When your hair and makeup are on point for the party.

When you make your Quinceanera entrance seeing the people you love the most in the world!

When the DJ plays YOUR jam at YOUR party!

When your parents express what an amazing daughter you are during the toast…

ideal quinceanera

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