10 Quinceanera Planning Tips

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When it comes to Quinceanera planning tips, the more information you gather early into the planning, the better.

For this, Quinceaneras look for help in various places, mostly through online research or hiring a party planner, which takes most of the stress out of the Quince girls’ hands.

Consumer surveys are another great way to discover Quinceanera planning tips. For those who are planning a Quince for the first time, these can serve as great help since they provide information from people who have already gone through the experience.

Most recently, David’s Bridal conducted a survey of its own. And although it was targeted specifically to brides and the planning of a wedding, most of the findings are also applicable to Quinceaneras.

For example, the David’s Bridal “What’s On Bride’s Minds” survey results found that, for the most part, online communities where people exchanged party ideas were very helpful. These include social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Mood boards for creativity and inspiration were among the most popular items shared, as well as DIY projects, decoration ideas, recipes, etc.

Also among the survey results were the following suggestions that serve as great Quinceanera planning tips:

1). If you don’t have a party planner, enlist a friend who isn’t in your court to help your prioritize and plan.

2). Keep reality in focus by knowing your budget and sticking to it. It is easy to get wrapped up in having an extravagant party, but remember the celebration is really about you and sharing with family and friends.

3). Choose a theme or symbol first to solidify the vision of your party; this will make the planning process easier.

4). If you’re thinking of a specific color, research what flowers are available during the time of your event. Flowers in season are less expensive.

5). Ask for references and read online reviews of potential vendors before booking.

6). If you have older guests, make sure there are plenty of places for them to sit down.

7). If you’re having a large number of guests that are 10 years old or younger, hire a babysitter to watch them during the ceremony. Or, set up a children’s table or room at the reception, complete with crayons, coloring books, small toys, and games.

8). Be mindful of guests and their dietary restrictions, such as allergies, vegetarians, etc. If possible, you should make sure there is something for everyone to eat.

9). Seat people with similar interests and ages together, and put an even amount of people at each table because people tend to pair off in conversation. You don’t want to leave anyone out.

10). Thank you notes are as important as your invitations.  A great time to write them is the day after your party while the memory is still fresh.

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