15 Things You Learn from Planning your Quince

Grecia Hernandez

Little did you know planning your Quinceanera will be a learning experience.

Party planning is a difficult task yet rewarding at the end; not only because of the culmination of such a special event but due to what you learn from it before it happens, while it was going on and even months after it’s over.

Here are the things most Quinceaneras take as learning experiences from planning this coming-of-age celebration: 

15) Time does make a difference

Whether you begin planning two years in advance or 4 months prior, it feels as if you ALWAYS need extra days to actually make it happen.

14) Social media will turn into your best friend!

 Pinterest and Instagram INSPO 24/7

13) Making the simplest decision is hard

 Something as easy as the color of your tablecloths or whether you want rings for your napkins can become a headache.

12) Asking questions is key

 Before planning your Quince you were Shy as Piglet but after haggling with your Quince vendors you’re not afraid of asking questions.

11) You learn about your Hidden Talents!!

 Ok maybe not that talented but you sure got that DIY going for you and if not you someone in your family who spent days and nights making centerpieces.

10) “Less is always more”

 During the first planning stages you want everything, then you slowly figure out how your Quince can look like a ‘chilaquil’ if you actually go for EVERY SINGLE THING you like. Want vs Need was the breaking discovery of this process. 

9) Drama has nothing on you!

 After dealing with your family shenanigans of who sits where to avoid that other annoying person, you can take on anything!

8) Second hand stuff and rentals are always an option!

 Used Quince decorations are the way to go when working with a tight budget.

7) Rules are meant to be broken

Adapt Quinceanera traditions according to your personality! Just because your tia did her Quince one way does not mean yours have to be exactly the same.

6) No one never EVER reads

 What a waste of time drafting the text for your Quince invites was! Guests still asked when would it be, at what time was the mass…

5) Everyone wants their two-cents in

 Almost every friend and family member had an opinion and they made sure you knew what it was: negative or positive.

4) It DOES take a village

 Help is always welcome and thanks to the support of your loved ones your celebration was a success!

3) Prioritizing makes everything falls into place

 Making lists and marking down what’s been done and what’s left will keep the planning organized.

2) Stressing is not worth it 

 At the end there was a solution for everything and if something went wrong people either did not noticed or were not affected by it.

1) Most importantly, you learn how much you’re loved!

 Feeling so much love the day of your Quince makes everything EXTRA special, this is truly the perfect opportunity to let everyone around you know how much you appreciate each one of them.

(Hello Quince toast?)


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