4 Reasons Why It’s Best Not to Have a Chambelan de Honor

Jocelyn Pasillas

Is having a chambelan de Honor really worth the hype?

We can all agree by now that having a court of honor is a huge responsibility and that damas can be drama, but guys could complicate things as well.

Before asking someone to be your chambelan, consider the following:

You don’t have to share the spotlight

Even though the day of your Quince is all about you, remember that your chambelan can also be the center of attention, especially if he looks extra good looking in his suit. Are you willing to give up your one chance to be the star of the night?

Less to worry about

Besides making sure your partner is in his best behavior, you have to look for someone with awesome dancing skills, loves taking pictures, does several poses on command, is punctual, etc. Is this really something you want to deal with on your Quince day?


No stress on who to pick

Stay calm and collected when it comes down to your relatives deciding whether the guy you choose is even worth it. If your parents treat you like a princess, they will expect nothing less from the ‘chosen one’. Just save it for the wedding, chica!


He simply does not care

It can so just happen that the chambelan you choose shows zero interest on your Quince, why give him the honor to be part of such a special moment in your life?

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If you’re still having trouble even deciding between Damas or Chambelanes, click here.

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