4 Ways to Thank your Parents on your Quinceanera

Grecia Hernandez

They’ve been there for you through ups and downs. They’re your #1 fans, plus they took the time (and money) to celebrate a super important moment in your life.


This is the time to say: “Thank You Mom & Dad!” but how?

1) Dedicate them a song

This could be the song you choose as your waltz or you could always surprise them with a number after your XV waltz to sing and dance just with them.

2) Get them a personalized gift

Thank your parents by celebrating them with a gift from your heart! Grab your favorite family photo, frame it and have it personalized. Consider doing a throwback: choose a picture of you as a baby or toddler next to your parents and place it above or next to a more current picture. Tears are guaranteed! Click here to purchase a personalized portrait like the one on our main picture.

3) Write a toast just for them

Take the opportunity to publicly thanking them for the wonderful life they’ve given you during your first 15 years of life. From teaching you how to read and drive to their unconditional love and support, again, tears are guaranteed!

4) Create a photo slide show

If one picture is not enough to show your love and appreciation for your parents then look through those family albums and pick your favorite moments to create a slide show.

No matter if you write it, say it, sing it or dance it, as long as you take the time and thank your parents for all they’ve done just for you, it will mean the world to them!

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