5 Reasons Why Hiring a Party Planner Is a Must!

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Planning a Quinceanera can be a lot of work if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Large events require a lot of work and effort in order to be successful; hiring the right vendors, not going over budget and enjoying your special day, could be hard to juggle.

If you have never planned an event and your ‘over 50 guests Quinceanera’ will be your first time doing so, make sure you hire professional help before it is too late. 

Although most Quinceaneras feel like hiring an event planner is an unnecessary cost, here are five REASONS WHY you should hire an event planner:


To Save Money & Stay On Budget

Event planners are seen as returning clients to their vendors, which means they will get you a better deal. Party planners get better pricing because they can turn over more events for each vendor. All the vendors they use have been thoroughly researched, so you know you will get quality work.

If you start the budgeting process early, sometimes you might even be under budget!

venue_decor (2)To Benefit from Their Knowledge & Experience

Event planners know how to run things logistically, know what to expect, and how to tackle any unexpected issues with grace. There is a lot they can foresee happening because of their experience. They have a wide range of resources to fix a situation should one come up.


donutsTo Have an Impressive & Successful Event

Event Planners can deliver that WOW factor because they have a design team that works months in advance to help you develop a theme and color scheme. They know what’s hot and trending and can incorporate this into your event.


quinceanera_holding_rosary To Save Time

A lot of time goes into planning a Quinceanera because there are several things that need to get arranged, booked, confirmed, and checked before the actual event takes place.

The struggle is real when parents are trying to balance time to plan, to work, and to spend quality time with the family.

An event planner is dedicated to managing everything from beginning to end.  Additionally, they will also coordinate the day of the event from load in to load out, which brings us to the last and most important reason of all…


To Be Less Stressed and Enjoy your Event

Planning a quinceanera can be quite stressful.  An event planner will oversee everything that needs to get done.

You get to relax and snap some pictures with your friends and family.  There is time to sit down and have dinner with them versus running around like a chicken without a head.


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