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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Quinceañera Dress

By melif

There are so many pros to buying a used Quinceañera dress, from the affordability of it to the room for customization. But, there are definitely some things you need to know before buying a used dress, especially if you’re purchasing one online.

Does the dress have any alterations? 

This is a huge one. If a dress has had any big alterations done, it might not fit you at all — be it too tight, too short, etc. You’re going to want to know the history of the alterations to gauge whether or not it can actually fit. 

What has the seller done to keep the dress fresh and clean? 

The preservation of the dress is super important. You may be saving money upfront, but if you have to pay to have the dress dry cleaned or repaired or altered, you may wind up spending just as much on a used dress as you would on a new dress

What is the seller’s dress return policy? 

What happens if you purchase the dress, and you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit? Buying a used dress can be a gamble, so you’re going to want to make sure you won’t be stuck with it if it doesn’t work out. 

Is the dress original? 

Are you getting an original designer dress or a knock-off? You’re going to want the seller to be upfront about what they are actually selling, and ensure you’re actually getting a good deal. 


Can you video chat with the seller before purchasing? 

It’s not a bad idea to have a consultation with the seller before you actually purchase the dress. This way you can actually see what you’re getting before you make the purchase, and get proof of the dress and its condition!

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