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5 Traits a Great Quince Chambelan Must Have

Jacob Rodriguez

It is not just about knowing how to do the waltz and smiling at pictures.

chambelan traits

 It takes more to be the best Quince chambelan you can be, take a look and see if you make the cut!

  1. A Chambelan must always be on time!

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This goes for tuxedo appointments to scheduled practices and of course the final moment: the Quinceañera’s big day! Not only her, but her whole family are counting on you. Set your alarm and ask your family to make sure you get up on time in case anything happens.

  1. Everybody wants a good-looking guy.

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As easy as remembering to take a shower, wear some deodorant and of course cologne’d up!

Also, trimmed hair, shaved face, and clean finger nails. Dude, those HD cameras will capture every single detail; you don’t want to be remembered as the sloppy chambelan.

  1. Please and thank you go a long way.

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A good Quince Chambelan is a true gentleman and very polite.  Set a good example for the rest of the Quinceanera court as well by opening doors, saying please and thank you, and helping the Quince girl to carry her dress and with anything else she could need.

  1. Attitude!

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Yeah it may be hot day, sure your suit or shoes may be too tight, and the mass will probably be long but don’t complain and just go with the flow. A good Chambelan strives to keep a positive and confident attitude no matter what he does, a true gentleman after all.

5. Gratitude!

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Thank the Quinceanera and her family for choosing you to accompany their daughter on one of the most special days in her life. They could’ve chosen anybody but they chose you so take it as a compliment, be the best you can be.

This is one more thing to add to your resume of cool things you got to do.

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