6 Crazy Mistakes to Skip at your Quinceanera Reception

Grecia Hernandez

We’ve talked about the typical mistakes every chica does when planning their Quinceanera, we’ve given you tips to prevent any XV mishaps, and now we’re going to tell you six things to keep an eye out during your reception.

Read away Quince girl!

6) Not having a timeline of events

Knowing what comes after the toast or before the XV waltz is key for the party to run smoothly, for your guests to enjoy the party and for you and your parents to be stress-free.

5) Not thinking through your Quinceanera menu

How do you know your guests will like the food if you didn’t have time to taste it prior? There are little things you must consider when choosing your menu to avoid any issues at the reception, click here to learn more about these.

4) Not practicing your Quince toast

Even if you’re too shy, you must say a few words to your parents and/or padrinos for throwing such a fiesta and thank your guests for being part of your special celebration. Instead of putting it off, write it down and rehearse it. Here are 10 Tips for the perfect Quinceanera toast.

3) Doing a super long baile sorpresa

Your surprise dance should make an impact on your guests, whether it is for the melody, the moves or the emotions, make sure to put on a great show and choose a 2 to 4 minutes long song. Any dance routine pass the 4 minute mark will have everyone snoozing and hoping it’s over soon.

2) Not taking enough pictures!

Take the time to visit each table and take pictures with all of your guests, also, ask your photographer to snap candid moments of you and your guests as the party goes on.

1) Forgetting your comfy shoes!

Yes, you’re finally allowed to wear high heels but do not attempt to spend all day in your fabulous Quince shoes or your feet will be sore for days after your party. Take a cute pair of sandals or flats for your Quince.


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