7 Ways to Keep Your Quince Court Happy

Jazmin Alvarez

If you decided to have a quince court, one of the most important tasks is choosing your members carefully. They have to attend dance rehearsal, assist in the attire selection, and help you finish any quince DIY projects – so they have an important role to commit to.

In return for their help and support, it’s important to keep your quince court happy so the planning process goes as smooth as possible.

Here are 7 things you must do if you want an epic waltz, baile sorpresa, and a good-looking & confident court!


1. Feed them during dance rehearsal

It’s as easy as sending an emoji to your local Domino’s!

2. Hang out with them

Invite your court to the movies, bowling, hiking, plan a bonfire. This will bring everyone closer together and relieve the stress of planning.

3. Reward them with a meaningful gift

Matching jewelry, framed group picture, gift cards, movie tickets are all great gifts.

4. Make them feel part of the dress/tuxedo selection

Take into consideration different body types, styles, and budget. Ask for their opinion before making the final decision.

5. Hand them a schedule

Besides court rehearsal your court has other obligations such as homework, chores, soccer practice, etc. Give them a schedule so they can plan ahead.

6. Give them genuine compliments

Instead of pointing out the flaws, words like “good job” and “thank you” go a long way. Let them know how important they are to you in making your day special.

7. Write a thank-you note after your quince

They supported you for months so write a nice personalized message in a card expressing your gratitude.

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