A Blossoming Blue Quinceañera

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You are blossoming into a beautiful young woman. Blue may be your favorite color but you just don’t know how to incorporate it on your big day?

We have all the inspiration for a perfect Blossoming Blue Quinceañera, not quite sure what that looks like? Think about it, blossoming reminds me of spring, and blossoming flowers. The color blue also makes any room feel so fresh and so clean. Get inspired with all of this blossoming blue decor for your future quince!

Blossoming Blue Invitations

Let’s start with invitation inspiration. Give a glimpse to your guests of what type of theme you are having by showing it through your quinceañera invitation!

Cherry Blossom Dress

This dress says it ALL! What a unique quince dress, if you’re looking to make a statement and have everyone talking about your quince dress a dress like this one speaks for itself. It has blue and it also has a girly touch with cherry blossom flowers. It is the best of both worlds especially if your two favorite colors are blue and pink.

Blossoming Blue Court of Honor

The dresses that your court of honor wear do not have to perfectly match your dress. In fact, you want them to be different! So that you can be the star of the night. Incorporating different colors in your decor allows you to have multiple dress color options for you to choose for your damas to wear. Just in case you want your damas to match you choose for them to wear blue dresses if not pick pink dresses so they shine on their own! Lately, no one sticks to traditional so you can mix and match blue and pink dresses for your damas, let them pick what color they want to wear blue or pink? That will also make them feel important and honored to be part of your big day.

Blossoming Blue Decor 

Whether you decide to have your quinceañera indoors or outdoors blue complements either way! Use wood accents, blue flowers, and or feathers to bring it all out. Gold or silver accents to make it all come together. Small pops of subtle pink flowers or cherry blossoms bring out the girly side of things.

Blossoming Blue Cake 

How gorgeous are these blue cakes that easily give all the vibes for a perfect quince cake. Whether you are looking to have a big quince cake or small these cake designs fit perfectly into the theme!

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