A Destination Quinceanera With Eyes On Hawaii

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If parties crowded with unfamiliar faces are not your thing, and travel and adventure are your top interests, then Hawaii is the perfect place to have a destination Quinceanera. A place traditionally chosen by honeymooners, the Hawaiian archipelago has a lot to offer for girls like you who want to spend a few unforgettable days celebrating with sun and sand.


This is the favorite place to surf and canoe. During winter, the beaches from the north coast of Oahu are filled with locals and visitors who compete in surfing tournaments, specifically in the bay of Waimea. You must also visit the town of Koolau on the other side of the range, a place that has not changed much through the years but has very good restaurants.

Once there, you must visit the Bishop museum in Honolulu. It offers an incredible variety of native art most made out of koa wood, embroidered pineapple fiber t-shirts from the Philippines, a 50 feet long whale model and even a scale model of an erupting volcano.

Take a trip to Honolulu in Maunawili and visit the waterfalls. Along the trail you will find abandoned plantations of coffee, apple and guava. As you walk through the forest you can pick and eat from what the trees around have to offer. The waterfalls form a natural pool where you can swim so consider carrying your bikini with you.


There are plenty of charming places to visit here. Just a few hours away from Kona is the town of Hilo, a place that has kept its provincial language through time.

Constructed inside a shopping center in less than 10 minutes of distance, Hilo has plenty of shopping places. There is a store you must visit named Hana Hou in which they sell extraordinary black pearls from the South Seas, Hawaiian tshirts, pareos and shell jewelry. They also have a collection of round hats known as Kona, an essential part of the seventies’ islander attire. Diving in the bay is the best activity in the island.

The island, once called the Forbidden Island due to its leper colony from Kalaupapa on the north coast, is rarely visited. With a population of 7,000, most Hawaiian natives, the thin land 40 miles east to west is still a secret place. It is truly only the locals and natives o kamaainas, who prefer the extreme east of Molokai and enjoy its valleys, waterfalls and tropical forests.

Cute cottages next to the ocean are available for rental for up to $170 for three nights. One of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii is in Halawa, on the oriental side of the island. Two giant waterfalls follow the valley and end on a thin river than opens its way through the ocean. This unique place has guided tours you will love.


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