A Quinceañera Circus

Yoana Estrada

A carnival-themed quince has endless possibilities! It gives you the opportunity to recreate an actual carnival. The rides, food, games, and entertainment keep people coming back time and time again! I can almost smell the popcorn and cotton candy. Check out ways you can throw your own carnival quince!


You will be the ringmaster of the night! Your decorations will mainly consist of the color red, white, and gold accents. You can even rent a Ferris wheel by the hour for you and your guests to enjoy!


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Have the fair come to you and your guest with a carnival catering truck. The menu consists of mini corn dogs, hot dogs, deep-fried lobster, and waffle battered fried chicken bites.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to your quince dress. With this carnival theme, the perfect color to go with would be a red dress! You can even choose a white, gold, red/white dress, or even a rainbow dress with multiple colors! Whichever color you decide to choose make sure to greet your guests in your quince gown and then later dance the night away.



Queremos Pastel! Bring the whole carnival theme together with this fun circus cake!

Party Favors

Have your guests hand over their invitation that doubles as their carnival ticket before entering. Once inside your guests can enjoy all the delicious treats available!

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