A Ravishing Red Quinceañera

Liberty Berlin

Is red your favorite color? 

Are you looking to incorporate it into your special day?


Red screams OVER THE TOP!


Red is so elegant and can be accented with gold, silver, or white! These colors are the perfect combinations on their own. If you want a certain theme for your big day you can incorporate these colors with themes such as a Charo theme, Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, or keep it simple and just use a bold red color palette!

Check out these ideas to integrate into your Ravishing Red Quinceañera!


Quinceañera Dresses 

The traditional quince dress used to be white! Nowadays there is nothing wrong with being different and bold! Check out these dresses below for inspiration for your quinceañera dress!

Court of honor 

If you can’t imagine how your court would look all together in red check out these courts of honor and how beautifully together they all look! Don’t be afraid to use the full-color palette!


Any girl would agree that choosing the color of her nails is the hardest decision yet! Here is the perfect nail inspiration for your special day! Perfect nail options to accent your dress and make you feel like the true queen you are!


You can make your quinceañera look however you want it to look! As elegant or as simple as possible. Check out these images of elegant venue ideas for your perfect red and gold day!


Not sure how you want your quinceañera cake to look like? Here are some phenomenal examples of cakes that incorporated red roses in them. The inside of the cake can even be red, by choosing red velvet as the cake flavor!

The color Red has many meanings that are symbolic that are attached to it. Health, love, anger, life, and so much more! It is very bold and depending on the way it is presented can be such a beautiful color.

Red is used in many ways and favorite color to many!

Roses are red violets are blue… A famous poem always recited! When we think of Roses we think of love. Roses can be used on any occasion if you are obsessed with them.

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