A Selena Inspired Quinceañera

Yoana Estrada

There isn’t a Latina in the world that doesn’t know who Selena is.

As Latina chances are you’ve heard at least one Selena song, such as, ‘’Bibi Bibi Bom Bom”. A Selena quinceañera means an amazing playlist when it comes to music. An amazing playlist means that you get to dance the night away to Selena y Los Dinos. The Latin community loves Selena and looks up to her as a source of inspiration. Selena Quintanilla is a music and fashion icon, whose legacy will live on forever. In this article, you will find tips and tricks to help you throw your own Selena-themed quinceañera. 

Make-up & Hair

If you’re going to throw a Selena-inspired themed Quinceañera you’re going to need the most glamorous makeup and hair. The Selena MAC makeup collection will help you achieve the classic 0

look. The hairstyle you choose will also be an important choice to consider. Lucky for us the queen of Tejano music has had multiple stylish hairstyles.

Nail Inspiration 

Makeup? Check. Hair? Check. Nails? CHECK!

 The Dress

Selena’s mostly remembered in her purple jumpsuit that she wore to her last performance. Her favorite color was purple, so of course, our quince dress has to be purple! Here are some quince dresses to consider for your Selena bash.

Not a big fan of purple dresses? Check out this gorgeous gown! It fits the color scheme just right. This bold color reminds me of the bold burgundy/red lip color Selena would wear.

Cake & Treats

Your guests are going to be thrilled when they see all the beautiful Selena-themed cake and treats. These goodies are almost too beautiful to eat. Although, they will be coming back for seconds and thirds once they’ve had a bite. 


Our party is coming together, but we still need to figure out what our guests are going to eat!

Hmm…What would be a Selena-approved food option? PIZZA! Selena’s favorite food was famously known as pizza. We could even provide gourmet pizzas for our guests to enjoy.

Fun Fact: Selena’s favorite pizza was Pizza Hut’s thin crust double pepperoni.


A Selena-themed party means a color scheme of purple and metallics and white roses. The Etsy balloons with her famous catchphrase “Muy Excited” are to die for. We also all know that all of our tias and primas are going to be fighting over the Selena centerpiece. The metallic glitter vases that are featured are an amazing detail!

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