Most popular Quinceañera-related questions

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You will soon celebrate your Quinceañera, how fun! It is no secret that the planning of your Quince celebration could get overwhelming at times.

This is why we want to help you by answering the most popular Quinceañera-related questions we received through social media.

Here are the most common questions asked by our fans on social media, we hope these help you as well. If not, feel free to ask us and we’ll guide you too.

– I haven’t been able to find a hairstyle that work with the shape of my face, what would you recommend?

Round Face: Try curling your hair and wear it lose with a bit of volume at the front. Short hairstyles will only make your face rounder.

Long Face: Half a pony tail or even bangs work great with long faces. Focus on adding volume to your hair and wear bangs.

Oval Face: You’re lucky! Any hairstyle fits the shape of your face.

Square Face: To smooth a square face go for a natural look with layers and curls. Avoid chin high hairstyles. Do not overdo the volume. This will make you look great!

– How many months in advance should I begin planning my Quinceañera?

Two years is usually the appropriate time to assure smooth planning and avoid last minute issues. The first year, you can dedicate to research and the second, to booking.

– What are some good songs to waltz?

“De niña a mujer” by Julio Iglesias, “My Girl” by The Temptations,  “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler, “Tiempo de vals” by Chayanne and “El vals de las mariposas” by José Guardiola, for other XV songs for your waltz click here.

– I need help putting my “Thank you’ speech together, please help.

Just remember that this is the right time to thank all of your loved ones. Explain why sharing this moment with them is so special. It is a good idea to end the speech thanking your parents once more, letting them know you are proud to have them as an example.

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