Spectacular Celebrations Inspired by Quinceaneras You Must Know About

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Quinceanera traditions have been the inspiration of many new trends that are slowly being adapted. Although the significances aren’t quite the same to a Quinceanera, the celebrations are very similar.

We’re glad to say the popularity of Quinceaneras has made it far enough to attract 5 year-old girls, teenage boys turning fifteen and proud pet owners as well!

Quince parties seem to be so LIT that others want a piece of that cake… in a modified version particular to their event and persona, of course.

Check out the whole fuss going on with the modern party celebrations that are trending:

Adorably Cute Cincoaneras



You’ve read it here first a while back, Cincoaneras are taking over the Quince industry!

Kids these days definitely don’t mind celebrating their fifteen at just five years of age! They play their roles so perfect it’s too hard not to be impressed by their cuteness overload! The trend has gain followers year by year and Quince vendors have become aware of it, showcasing new products and services to attract their little diva clientle.


Quinceanero Celebrations

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Even though, it is hard to figure out whether they’re forced by their mothers or volunteer to celebrate… there’s actually teenage boys who get their special day all to themselves! Being the spotlight for the night isn’t just for us girls, boys seem to LOVE the attention as well!

Quinceaneros adopt almost all the elements that a girl may include while celebrating her 15th birthday like a Thanksgiving mass, a theme and most definitely a surprise dance!


Paw-bulous Quinceaneras for Furry Individuals

Perhaps this trend was thanks to the “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3” movie, but trust us when we say that pets are kids too. Well at least to some of their very loving owners.  Thanks to lovely pet owners that celebrate the coming of age for their bundle of joys, they certainly don’t miss out on their furry friend’s 15th  PAWTY.


Which one was your favorite? Have you followed any of these trends? If so, send your pictures to [email protected]


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