Cincoanera Trend: You Read It Here First!

Grecia Hernandez

Slowly but surely, this adorable trend has been catching on to Quinceaneras.

cincoanera_trendJust as other traditional coming-of-age celebrations like bar mitzvahs for Jewish boys and debuts for Filipino girls, Cincoaneras are now taking over a popular Hispanic event: three years old presentation.

Presentations of children ages 3 to 5 are considered an important part of the Catholic church. The purpose of these are for the child to receive God’s blessing on their journey of ongoing spiritual growth.

Aside from the presentation mass it is accustomed to have a birthday party to celebrate the child.

But, of course as times evolved and new party planning trends appear, what once was a typical three-year-old presentation is now a Cincoanera, celebrated two years after the original and with all the elements of a Quinceanera.

Cincoaneras have elaborated invitations for their friends and family.

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Many Quinceanera dresses brands have a similar line in smaller sizes for Cincoaneras.

The most important part of a Cincoanera is the presentation mass.


Cincoanera at mass with her damas ❤

If you’re invited to a Cincoanera, rest assured there will be a waltz and perhaps even a surprise dance.

Now that you’re more familiarized with this awesome trend, don’t you want to plan a Cincoanera for your little sis or daughter?

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