Dessert Table Options to Consider Including

Brooke Torres

After a great meal, guests will look forward to dessert, so consider including these dessert table options. We have gathered some sweet inspiration to add to your quince dessert table.

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Finger Sweets

To make the distribution of sweets easier, consider easy finger desserts. Such as cake pops, cupcakes, and chocolate strawberries! They do not require a big display case and will not take up much of the room on the dessert table.

Personalize It

Personalized cookies are a cute and dainty sweet to add to the dessert table. They can be decorated with a full name, initial, or some themed designs. Additionally, cookies are easy to grab and layout on the table, adding a decorative and personalized touch.

A Wall of Sweet

Another easy to access food that you can add to your dessert table are donuts. What makes them even more convenient is that they are on a wall that guests can grab from. Not only is this a unique sweet display, however it also takes up less space. Creating the wall of donuts that guests can grab from can be a DIY project. All that is needed is a board, some cylinder planks, and some paint.


A charcuterie board is a perfect way to incorporate all your favorite sweet snacks. It is an eye-catching display that also satisfies the sweet tooth. The best thing about a charcuterie board is that there can be a combination of sweet and salty snacks on the board and it will still look like everything belongs. You can customize a charcuterie board in so many different ways. No matter what you choose to include, it will be both delicious and pretty!

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