The ideal cruise for the quinceañera: Puerto Vallarta

Silvia Alegria

Theaters with the latest feature films, numerous pools and buffets in quantity to provide unlimited entertainment aboard these floating cities.

There is not always budget to do both, but as we pointed out the popular saying, dreaming does not cost anything. Many parents know that after the quinceañera there is hardly any funds left for anything else, but some who can afford to do both or they forego the celebration to take a trip to experience an unforgettable excursion.

A cruise to Puerto Vallarta may well come into that category, a trip that many have been described as ideal to be from southern California. Only requires one week, you do not spend too much, especially if it is low season, and guarantees a perfect family holiday.

Although there are many combinations and possibilities, the most common is to leave from San Diego and make stops in Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan. Once on board, ships such as Royal Caribbean offer so many entertainment options that it is impossible to be bored.

There are shops, cinemas with the latest releases, generous buffets of food and even swimming pools to bask in the sun while the boat is emaking its way to its first stop.

Cabo San Lucas, one of the most visited country and usual place of retirement for many Americans for its good prices and spectacular beaches. It is the traveler’s first encounter with Mexico, hospitality, food and crafts. In addition to spending time in its famous shops, where you can find silver jewelry, souvenirs Day of the Dead and tequila collection is a perfect opportunity for an excursion along the beaches of the Cape, known for their wild nature and seas of color.

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One of the best is Playa del Amor, always visited by tourists all year, famous for its location and its two inlets.

Back in the boat the way to Mazatlan, you can leverage for getting back into this city on the sea. It is difficult to participate in all activities offered by a boat the size of the Oasis of the Sea, one of the jewels in the crown of Royal Caribbean.

Among other things, has an open theater to enjoy the evening shows are an experience, with live music and dancing. Previously, any passenger has been passed by the library with books in Spanish and a large quantity-child-section, exercising on the deck with a morning stretching program or participate in a cycling class.

Activities for all

You can also take the kids to the circus of the boat, being part of a beautiful legs contest at the pool or ice skating. If it still has not had enough, you can do a cooking class with renowned chefs or enjoy a hot stone massage with aromatic oils.

A day later expect to be in Mazatlan, the pearl of the Pacific,puerto vallarta, vacaciones, viajes where you can beach or exploring the historic center. It is also advisable to spend a couple of hours in the Golden Zone of the city, which also has a significant concentration of handicrafts and silver jewelry.

It is the prelude to the highlight of the trip, the famous Puerto Vallarta, known for being one of the biggest attractions of the Aztec nation. More than 45 years ago that Hollywood discovered this little fishing village with the filming of the legendary “Night of the Iguana” by John Houston, Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner and Richard Burton stars. The shooting put them on the map and since then everything has been different for this location, used to receive thousands of people every year.

Many come with cruise ships, the chance to spend a day in his legendary beaches or make a foray into the Sierra Madre mountains and tropical world. There is also the option of spending the day at one of their resorts or get famous for its ancient streets, just before returning to the ship heading to California.

There is still a couple of days to enjoy the boat and its thousand possibilities just before making landfall again in the reality of every day, the end of a vacation difficult to confuse with anything that’s been done before.

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