Every Quinceanera Court Has These 4 Types of Damas


When organizing your court, you have to be ready to deal with different types of damas. But as long as you’re prepared and know how to manage their different traits, you’ll have yourself an amazing overall group chemistry.

These are 4 types of damas you’ll always find in a court:

1.Your BFF:

This amazing girl will do anything to help you and your court out so that everything comes out amazing and you’re stress-free. She’s your buddy and the one that will bring you the insights of it all.

2.The Attention Seeker:

There’s always that dama that wants to shine and steal all the attention. Focus on yourself and stay confident. Don’t let anyone bring you down! Get her to give you a few tips, and turn her focus towards helping you sparkle.

3.The Dramatic One:

She likes drama and therefore, may like to create some too. Don’t give her anything to play with. Put her in charge of some tasks you think she’ll enjoy, this way she stays busy with something else.

4.The Funny One:

This dama will always be cracking jokes and be goofy. Enjoy it and have fun with it! We all need that someone to alleviate a stressful or tiring rehearsal.

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