Five Ideas to Pamper Your Mom Before your Quinceanera

Alicia Monsalve

Maybe if you ask your mother what she would like you indulge her with on her special day, she’ll probably said “Nothing at all”. 

Most moms have the strange habit of spoiling everyone but themselves, so in addition to behaving yourself it is best to take the initiative to get the details that can make her happy and prepare for your quince.


1 .-Pay Attention

Observe in detail what your mom likes or  what does she need. Your intuition will surely give you clues and write down any sign that takes you imagine what could make her happy.

2 .- Encourage her

Note that not necessarily material things can be a way to express your appreciation and admiration. Changes in attitude, encouraging messages, help with chores can be a great surprise, but it is best that lasts all year. Show her how much you appreciate what she is doing to make your celebration a possibility.

3 .- Ask her questions

Generational differences are inevitable, raising children is not an easy task. Now that you’re bigger you can approach her and ask what is the most difficult part of your character and personality and make a commitment to work on it, and also tell her what you do not like in the relationship between you and suggest solutions to make your mother  more open and communicative with her child. Get to know her, ask her how she was when she was your age.

4 .- Help her

Help her make a list of what is missing, especially if you notice her style is outdated, suggest her to try any makeup product that will update her look, or go to the stylist for a new haircut. If she does not dance most of the time, practice with her a few steps and do everything possible to see that night was so cute and happy as her daughter.

5 .- Tell her how much you love her

Remember that mothers always appreciate more what we do with our own hands, so a card, a painting, a photo, think DIY projects and add unforgettable memories and make you happy every time I see him again.

You can also opt for something that is always appreciated: a surprise or a pedicure massaging machine. If you know your tastes: a perfume always make you feel flirty and appreciated.



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