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Honoring A Late Loved One at Your Quince


With Memorial Day just a few days away, honoring fallen loved ones and veterans have been heavy on everyone’s minds. For your quince, there might be a special someone whose absence is felt throughout the celebration.

The passing of a loved one leaves a long-lasting feeling, but there are ways you can honor their life and legacy at these celebrations in meaningful and memorable ways. Here are three ways you can honor a late loved one at your quince. 

Memory Table Display

For those late loved ones who have impacted who you are, having a place at your quince dedicated to remembering that impact can be extraordinary. Dedicate a small table or area to pictures, memorabilia, and other memory objects to that person and your time with them. Your guests will appreciate the display and you can be reminded of their presence. 

Moment of Silence

During your toast, just before guests start to eat, you and your parents will get a chance to thank everyone for coming and any other words you’d like to share. This would also be a perfect time to hold a moment of silence for all of the fallen loved ones that aren’t able to be there that day. Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to pay their own, silent respects, and you can honor your loved one as soon as the night begins. 

Subtle Symbols

Honoring a loved one that meant a lot to you can be a lot to handle, especially on a day that’s already high with emotions. It may be easier for you to incorporate more subtle ways of honoring their life. A single white rose is a great way to symbolize their life, and you can incorporate one into your bouquet or table centerpieces. Lastly, you could pick out a couple of songs that you feel represent them to be played at parts throughout the celebration, or display their favorite flowers for decor. These will allow you to honor their lives in ways that are subtle to your guests but are meant for you. 



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