How to Cut Costs on a Catering Bill


The costs of your daughter’s XV can easily go way beyond your budget.

One part of the night that is often more expensive than we would like it to be is the food. Catering companies are expensive, but so is trying to cook enough food for everyone. Luckily, we have some tips that can cut your catering bill almost in half!


Don’t include servers.

Your guests will enjoy being able to pick out their own food, and servers can nearly double the catering cost. Look for catering companies that allow you to skip this part of their services.


Plan out drinks.

Not only are open bars expensive, but often, they are unnecessary. This is your daughter’s night! Most guests will be busy eating, dancing, and talking during dinner. A limited amount of wine and beer should be plenty!

Hire catering outside of the venue.

Venues often hike up their catering process for the convenience of having everything in one place. However, you can find way more affordable and traditional options by looking at catering businesses outside of the venue. 

Limit entree options

Send your guests the menu options ahead of time so that you know what and how much to order. It’s often much cheaper to include a small menu so that the catering company has less they have to handle! 

Cut costs by reviewing the guestlist

Sending out RSVPs is a great way to make sure you don’t pay for more food than what you were expecting. Additionally, before you send out the invites or the RSVPs, see if there is anyone you can cut from the list. Often, distant family or friends that your daughter doesn’t even talk to can add up the guest list fast, making the food costs high. Don’t be afraid to have only close friends and relatives to save on cost – and drama!

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