How to Hire the Best Quinceanera DJ for an Awesome Party

Javier Reyes

Hiring the right and well-seasoned DJ should be an understatement while planning your Quinceanera.

Although there are many other necessities that will determine the overall success of this special day, music is always #1 as it is responsible to set the mood during the whole party.

We interviewed one of the most recognized Quinceanera DJ’s in the Quince industry, DJ Joe MD.

Below you will find a list DJ Joe MD’s most-follow treasured items while hiring the right DJ.

DJ Joe MD has over 50 excellent reviews and 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

According to him, an expert Quinceanera DJ must have:

  • Skills with social media outlets (personal website, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) numerous TOP graded reviews, and an association with for instance, DJ Joe MD is part of our Quince Directory. Submit your free listing for our digital directory here!
  • Insurance, required by most high-end venues, in the event something should happen.
  • Excellent DJ & MC skills
  • Quick and easy contact info:If they are hard to get a hold of and/or don’t return your calls: Do Not hire them!

Check out the amazing GOBO/Monogram during the father daughter dance!

  • The ability to understand your needs while choosing their playlist and making song requests.
  • A contract with thorough details as to what the DJ will be providing that night. i.e. Sound, Lights, Video & Photo Booth.
  • The understanding that a family member or close friend, that is either paying and/or has the expertise, will most likely be doing all the negotiating. If the DJ does not agree, thank them and move on. Remember this is your treasured event and, again, they should have your best interest at hand.
  • Lastly, a Quinceanera is not a backyard party. You should not have to worry about hiring an unqualified DJ that fails to deliver or show up all because he/she was cheap.  Hire a PRO!!!



Among Joe Casilla’s services are video and photo projections.

What’s a growing trend you’ve witnessed among Quinceaneras?

The photo booth industry has improved drastically for added entertainment, a great example of how party planning has evolved with technology adapting to social media exposure as well. Cool and creative backdrops seem to be a thing nowadays as well!

What other party planning features do you recommend for Quinceaneras to have a memorable party?

A personalized monogram, up lighting, high-tech intelligent lighting and video can help transform any Quince to an extravagant event.

If you’re looking the amped up your guests at the dance floor, you must hire Joe Casillas aka Mr. DJ Joe MD!

Here is his contact information:

Dj Joe Ad Coupon

Check out his amazing reviews from previous clients!


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