How to Plan a Drive-Thru Quinceañera During COVID-19

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Did you have plans for a Quinceañera during COVID-19 that you had to postpone?

No need to panic, we got you covered on how you can transform your party plans into a creative drive-thru celebration!

COVID-19 may have changed some plans, but with this guide, you will have no need to worry. Add some sanitizers and masks and you are on the way to having a safe and fun time!


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When inviting your guests to your drive-thru Quinceañera celebration, it is important to mention that you are following the CDC guidelines for an outdoor event. Be clear in telling them to wear a mask and maintain distance. Both parties can have peace of mind that guests do not have to get out of their cars. Encourage them to decorate their car and be loud to make your celebration extra exciting! Following the recommendations will set the mood for a fun evening!

Quinceañera court

Friends that were planning on participating in your quinceañera court can still have the honor of being involved. They can be in charge of holding signs, directing guests where to go, and making sure that everyone is social distancing. It is very important to check your local laws on how many people can gather, even for an outdoor event. 

If laws do not permit more than ten people to gather outdoors, then your court can drive by and make a special appearance for your quinceañera! 


Encourage your family and friends to honk as they drive by. COVID may have taken the opportunity to celebrate closely with family and friends. That does not mean they should not be able to cheer you on loudly from afar! You can set a stereo or boombox outside and have a fun playlist playing. Make sure to choose music that gets everyone wanting to dance in their cars!

Be mindful of what time you would like to have your guests drive-thru and honk. A midday celebration on a weekend would be the best choice for a great time!

Party Favors 

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Party Favors are used to thank your guests for coming to your Quinceañera celebration. What better way than to thank them with some unique and safe party favors that will create a memorable experience. Typically, Quinceañeras would go around handing their guests a party favor. You can transform this simple tradition as guests begin to drive by, hand them a sweet treat, personalized sanitizer, mask, or a shirt! Of course, doing this while being socially distanced! 


At the end of the driveway or in a designated area, you can set up a table for gifts and a small box for monetary envelopes. This will be a great way to get to interact with your guests at a distance and their opportunity to give you gifts.

Guests may bring candies and flowers as well. This designated area can be decorated in the theme of your choice and have a family member from your household help keep an eye on your gifts.

Make sure to make it unique, like you! 

During these challenging times, you deserve to be celebrated and plan your dream Quinceañera Drive-thru.

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