Ideas for a Virtual Quinceañera Celebration

Brooke Torres

We have gathered various creative ideas for a virtual quinceañera celebration. Just because your quince may need to be a virtual celebration, doesn’t mean it can’t be just as fun as if it were in person!

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To begin, send out decorative invitations stating: the time, technical tool (Zoom, Skype, WebEx, etc.), attire, theme, and link. It is important that everyone knows how to use the platform you choose. This way, everyone can be on time, without technical difficulties and interruptions.


Prepare the atmosphere by adorning the area in view of the camera with themed decorations. Telling party guests the theme can encourage them to decorate their space too so that everyone looks like they’re in the same space. Furthermore, great ways to decorate include balloons, streamers, sparkly backdrops, and pretty lights. However, you decide to decorate, be sure there is a comfortable sitting area and place to set your camera/laptop.

What to Do

Staying traditional, quinceañera dances can still take place virtually. Practices can be held online and then performed the same way. Also, the father-daughter dance can also be performed for the guests virtually. A game that can be done virtually is Kahoot! Where you would prepare some quizzes about yourself and see how much your party guests know about you. Other games that can be played virtually, are iMessage games, Among Us, and online Card’s Against Humanity Additionally. A movie viewing can be arranged on Netflix Party, so everyone can enjoy the same movie at the same time.


To thank your guest for coming to your virtual celebration, you could send out goodie boxes a week before with instructions to not open until the day of your quince. You can fill these boxes with candy, handwritten letters, and any other goodies you’d like to include, Additionally, if you’d like to really spoil your guests you could get food delivered to their house using Grubhub or Postmates. Perhaps the most important aspect to remember is to have a cake for yourself so your guests can celebrate and sing to you.

Tell us what you think about a virtual quinceañera celebration and if you may be having one! Tag us on Instagram or on any other fun ideas for a quince celebration.

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