Keep Your Quinceanera Guest List Under Control To Avoid Extra Charges

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With the help of your parents, all three of you carefully selected who to invite to your party. Based on the number of guests you plan to have is that you proceed to order your Quinceanera menu. Then the two most common and awkward situations take place on your special day…

About 30 of your guests don’t show up and about 10 of your guests brought an extra person with them. Now you have uninvited guests who will take your absentees’ dinner plates, at least the food won’t go to waste, right?

Nevertheless, this is not how you picture your party to be, but can could you have avoid this?

These two tips are key to keep your Quinceanera guest list under control: 

Include RSVP info on your Quinceanera invitations

Although some might think that asking for your guests to RSVP to be not in good taste, there is a reason why the French invented the whole “please confirm your attendance” situation.

Include an RSVP note in your invitations kindly asking your guests to confirm their attendance by a specific date ( preferably two to three weeks prior to your fiesta) by either texting or emailing.

Another option is to add the menu choices on that same RSVP note. Your chances of receiving those much needed RSVP’s will surely be greater than average and not only will it give them a delicious option to decide what to eat but it will give you a headcount on how many plates you can cover to avoid extra charges.

Assign two or three greeters at your Quince reception

If some of your guests disregarded your RSVP memo, your best bet in solving this problem is to have a greeter guarding the venue door.

Geared-up with a copy of the final guest list, a highlighter and a cell phone, your greeter would be stationed a couple of feet from the entrance in a registration-like station or standing by a podium. As your guests arrive, your greeter would confirm their names on the list, highlight them and then allow them to enter the venue. 

In situations where a guest was left off the list by a mistake on your end, a quick phone call from your greeter to someone on the inside can approve their admittance. An added virtue of the guest list is that going by the highlighted names, you can send those registered guests “thank you” cards for attending and “sorry we missed you” notes to those who didn’t.

*hint: since the greeter will have to deal with people of all personalities, we recommend that you ask for this task to be done by someone with a thick skin. An assertive yet pleasant greeter will be able to welcome in hassle-free guests and escort out the uninvited ones.


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