Most-Loved Wedding Trends all Quinceaneras Must Adopt

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First, we had wedding inspired cakes, now we have wedding trends that Quinceaneras are adopting or should adopt!

We can all agree by now that planning a Quince party is very similar to planning a wedding. And somewhere in that route, many trends are being adopted!

Good thing is, we have all the wedding trends you need to adopt for your Quince celebration to make planning a little simple.

Modernize Veils

Typically, veils are known to cover parts of the bride’s face or head but that’s not the case with Quinceaneras. Introduced by Ragazza, Quince dresses now have a veil lookalike added to the back of the dresses. This might be the start of something new and we’re here to witness it all!

Ceremony Arches

Arches are popular for wedding ceremonies but they’re getting better and better! We don’t want to miss out on all the creativity, which is why Quinceaneras prefer an outdoors ceremony where they can style their arches however they like.

Quince Signage

Weddings are all about embracing love and showing it off! Which is why you must include cute signs around your venue to get your guests interacting during your celebration.

Party Favors

The era of giving away useless party favors your guests won’t enjoy is over! Weddings have now taken this popular trend to the next level and it’s actually something to look forward to.

  • Save your soles with flip flops

Want your guests to remain on the dance floor? This is a great idea to have for your guests who are suffering in their heels!

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  • Personalized bags

Time to think green! Say bye-bye to plastic bags and say hello to reusable ones. Your guests can use these on the go or while grocery shopping!

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Quince Mocktail Bars

While weddings have actual bars, Quince girls are doing the same but with a little twist of non alcoholic beverages of course! Coachella is all for it and included a small pop up shop called Bar Not Bar. It’s not your typical mocktail. 😉

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Which trend will you be adopting for your Quinceanera?

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