Alternative Quinceañera Ideas

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Sometimes alternative Quinceañera ideas are necessary.

If you are undecided about having a traditional celebration for your fifteenth birthday, there are other options. Our alternative quinceañera ideas will have you satisfied.

A trip: Instead of the typical family cruise, maybe you can plan something fun and exciting like learning about an ancient culture, completing your family tree, or going to a place you always wanted to visit. You could go to Paris, Alaska, Hawaii, backpacking, or skydiving. Make a list of places you want to visit as part of your quinceañera ideas.

A challenge: Whether you want to windsurf, bungee jump, skydive, go on an expedition to the Amazon, complete a triathlon, climb a mountain, or walk the Camino de Santiago… make your quinceañera ideas creative and exciting. Then propose these quinceañera ideas to your parents.

Money for school: It may not be the top item on a quinceañera wish list, but it would be useful to consider as an alternative to quinceañera spending. Continuing your list of quinceañera ideas, you might ask your family make a contribution to saving up for your college tuition. In a few years, you will know which gift was the best!

Make your dream come true: Now is the time to make your dreams reality. You can swim with dolphins, meet a celebrity, go to the doctor or nutritionist to lose a few extra pounds, get braces, take a modeling class, have dance or singing lessons, play guitar, take a sculpture class, buy the glasses you want, redecorate your room, get a new wardrobe that fits your style, have a fancy dinner with your family, or anything else.

 Make your own list of quinceañera ideas!


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