Pros and Cons of Sharing a Quinceanera

Jocelyn Pasillas

Have you ever wondered if sharing your Quinceanera would be a good idea? Well, you aren’t the first!

Although this has been done plenty of times, determine if this would be a good idea for both of you.

Whether you’ll be sharing your Quince celebration with your sister, friend, or cousin; here are a few pros and cons to consider before making the final decision.


– You share the spotlight.

Although this can be great for those of you who aren’t too excited to be the center of attention, this can also be a problem for those who do. Either way, you’ll both be the princesses of the day!


-Choosing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for your fiesta consist of agreeing with your other half too.

Keep in mind this isn’t just your XV, it’s also the Quince of your other half which mean that everything needs to be discussed and approved. But hey, this is the perfect opportunity to learn teamwork!


-Might bump heads a lot.

Things you like or agree on won’t always be the same as your other half. Be sure to be open-minded and hear each other out to be able to make the rightful decisions.




A MAJOR factor when sharing a Quince celebration is saving money, LOTS of money! Almost all expenses can be cut in half and easier to pay off when sharing a Quinceanera. Be sure to ask vendors for a ‘2 in 1’ special. We’re sure this is music to your parents’ ears. LOL


– You learn patience and how to be open-minded (if you aren’t already).

Teamwork will make the dream work! Learn and develop great skills when working together.


-Double support from loved ones.

Imagine how great it would be to get support of all your loved ones from each family! It’ll definitely make planning 10x easier!


-Perfect example of ‘Go big or go home’.

When celebrating such a huge tradition, it’s only right to GO BIG! With the double help and support, this can totally be achieved!


-Create special memories you can later on share and laugh about.

Keep in mind, planning such a huge fiesta will be stressing no matter what, BUT with a great companion you can share all this with would make everything much better!


Let us know your personal tips and experiences when sharing a Quince down in the comment section!

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