Is Quince planning driving you crazy? Hire a professional!

Eva Melgarejo

Does your stomach hurt when you think of all the things you need to prepare for your Quince? Well, that pain at the pit of your stomach is called stress, and you are not alone! Planning a Quinceañera is not a simple task. Therefore, if your budget allows, it would be wise to hire a professional Event Planner to deal with the stress.

Here are three reasons to hire a professional event planner to deal with your Quince planning:

Have a dream Quinceañera!

Event Planners are extremely resourceful. They have many contacts with DJ’s, banquet halls, décor companies, transportation services and anything you might need for your fabulous Quince. Save time and money by only having to deal with one person and not 20 vendors. So instead of you calling 10 DJs to find the perfect one, let your Event Planner do the dirty work and deliver them on a silver platter!

Melissa Gonzalez celebrating her dream Quinceanera with her chambelanes by her side

Melissa Gonzalez celebrating her dream Quinceanera with her chambelanes by her side

Stay within your budget!

One of the most difficult things when planning a social event is to stay within a budget. We all want the moon and the stars and your Event Planner can deliver that and stay within your budget. Hard to believe… we know! But what makes a planner amazing is their ability to do as they are told. Maybe instead of 20 stars you get 5 but at the end you have awesome shiny stars!

No stress on your special day!

How stressful is it to know that your family will be running around the day of your Quince? Did the flowers arrive to the church? Was the cake delivered? Where is the photographer!!!! Stress no more! Your Event Planner will deal with all the Quince planning! They will make sure that all the vendors arrive on time and with the right products. After all, you hired them to deliver your dream Quinceanera and since they will contract familiar vendors, well, lets just say that no one will be disappointed.

So sit back, enjoy, relax and let hire an Event Planner take on this task!


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